Transaction Data for Market Monitoring

Translating Digital Credit Transaction Data into Consumer Protection Supervision

As a postdoc at Innovations for Poverty Action, a main objective was to build capacity for consumer protection market monitoring. The most pure expression of this is in the toolkit I prepared, titled "Translating Digital Credit Transaction Data into Consumer Protection Supervision." This work was informed by my experiences working on the Digital Credit Market Inquiry with the Competition Authority of Kenya, and draws heavily on that work. You can find the toolkit over at IPA's Website. It is aimed at addressing the opportunities and challenges of using digital credit transaction data for consumer protection market monitoring.

Projects, Resources, and Examples

In addition to the resources included with the toolkit, this page will serve as a reference for future market monitoring projects, as well as incidental outputs, possibly including simulated data and replication code. For now, I have included links to related projects, presentations, and slides below.

IPA Projects:

  • Digital Credit Market Inquiry with the Competition Authority of Kenya [IPA Project Page, Report, Working Paper, Blog]

  • Credit Information Systems Project with the Digital Lenders Association of Kenya (cancelled) [Project Page]

  • Predicting Consumer Protection Risks through Administrative Data, Center for Financial Inclusion Financial Inclusion Week 2021 Presentation [Recording, Slides]

  • Monitoring Consumer Protection Risks in the Digital Age, Consumer Protection Practitioner's Forum [Recording, Slides]

  • Market Monitoring Project with Bank of Sierra Leone and UNCDF [Blog]

Other Examples:

  • CGAP's Digital Credit Market Monitoring in Tanzania [Link]

  • Making Digital Credit Truly Responsible from SPTF, Microsave, and the Smart Campaign [Link]

  • CFPB's Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Data [Link]

  • FCA's Consumer credit — high-cost short-term credit lending data [Link]

Other Resources for Administrative Data and Market Monitoring:

  • CGAP's Market Monitoring for Financial Consumer Protection Toolkit [Link]

  • J-PAL's Handbook on Using Administrative Data for Research and Evidence-based Policy [Link]

  • J-PAL Guide: Using Administrative Data for Randomized Evaluations [Link]

  • IPA Goldilocks Deep Dive: Using Administrative Data for Monitoring and Evaluation [Link]

  • IPA FIP's Toolkit for Evaluating Financial Products and Services in the US [Link]